TSA Orders Airport Valet to Search Your Car

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Those of you who know me, know I am a big fan of the No Agenda Show. On episode 531 I was flabbergasted to hear the TSA is now ordering the valet companies at airports to begin searching the cars they park! And this isn’t just rumor or hearsay. In the episode, they played clips from television station WHEC in Rochester NY, interviewing TSA official John McCaffery, who confirmed the story. But don’t take my word, listen for yourself.

Go to http://static.curry.com/nashownotes/531/index.html. Click on the “Clips and Stuff” Link in the tabs (upper left side). Scroll down and expand “Obama Nation”. The two clips are “TSA Searches valet 1.mp3” and “TSA Searches valet 2.mp3”. You can find the full interview on the WHEC site at http://www.whec.com/news/stories/S3101080.shtml, but the important pieces are in the two clips at the No Agenda site.

Of course the TV station totally missed the point. Their main concern was “why only valet and not all cars”. The TSA rationale is that valet parking is typically very close to the main airport, and thus an exploding car could damage the main terminal. Cars in daily and overnight parking are not searched, since they are parked farther away and thus won’t endanger the main terminal building. Instead, if they explode they’ll just blow the crap out of the parking deck. (I guess the TSA values the main terminal more than the parking deck.)

Seriously? That was the main concern the TV station had?

The real issue is this, and I want you to read carefully:


Since when does the US Government have the authority to order a private company to do anything on their behalf? I have to wonder, did the valet company agree to this? Is the TSA paying them for the time it takes to search? As far as I’m able to tell, this whole ordered search is unconstitutional. The TSA has stepped outside their legal bounds in ordering a private company to do the TSA’s job.

Once again we have a government out of control, going outside their legal authority, and the public just goes along with it because it “makes us feel safer”. Go ahead people, keep giving up your rights. And I don’t mean just the right from unreasonable search and seizure, but also the right as a business entity not to be forced to blindly obey orders from some government entity.